Biden will stop the border wall

Biden will stop the border wall and loosen immigration again

Biden wants to expand opportunities for legal immigration, including family and work-based visas as well as access to humanitarian visa programs. Biden’s immediate moves would largely entail rescinding various actions initiated under Trump that barred immigrants from certain countries and curtailed legal immigration, including new restrictions on asylum and rules making it harder for poor immigrants to obtain legal status.

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Supreme Court to Review 2 of Trump’s Major Immigration Policies The court adds to a docket of cases that will test the president’s agenda.

2 of Trump’s Major Immigration Policies to be Reviewed by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to review two major Trump administration immigration policies, adding them to a docket now crowded with cases that will test President Trump’s agenda and policies. The cases the court took on Monday are challenges to a program that has forced at least 60,000 asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their requests are heard and the diversion of $2.5 billion in Pentagon money to build a barrier on the southwestern border.

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